Sliding Windows

There is a great level of ease and style in utilizing sliding windows. Designed with acute perfection, the window allows fresh wind into your home just by a swift push of the sashes. The room can almost be sound proof and isolated from the outer pollution when closed.

The product incorporates two or more horizontal sashes placed on the track with rollers to move or slide sideways. With a complete move of sashes from one end to another end, the window offers a large ventilation space. Whether it is your balcony, bedrooms or large halls, the sliding window can fit right in and adds its contemporary style for an eye-shining home.

What Features and Benefits:

  • Available in a variety of colors and designs
  • Customized manufacturing for giant openings
  • Excellent heat, sound and dust insulation with an air-tight seal
  • MMultipoint locking system on request
  • Double and triple glass option
  • Hurricane bar option for storm
  • Rain track and sill to avoid rainwater seepage

Colors Available: