Bi Fold Doors

Wish to have the spectacular view of the garden or terraces from your room or enlarge your room? Bifold Door can fit right into it without losing a sense of space!

Generally known as folding sliding door or room divider, Bifold Door is used to provide a full view of the area behind it with just one twitch of motion. The door follows a simple fold and slide mechanism wherein sashes can be stacked in either (left or right) or both sides. When closed it can work as a beautiful wall while securing the area behind it.

Bifold Door can be used anywhere such as balconies, villas, luxury apartments or bungalows and large halls.

Features and Benefits:

  • Multi-point lock security
  • Extremely effective against noise, rain, and dust
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • Best thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Easy to operate
  • Aesthetically stylish

Colors Available: