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We design, manufacture and install high value, environmentally friendly window and door solutions that provide exceptional comfort and convenience.

Established in 2015, in Bengaluru, Karnataka, the goal at Nex Windows has always been to deliver solutions that represent exceptional quality, performance and value for money. We have partnered with leading European company to bring you world-class window and door solutions that you will love.

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Our uPVC windows & doors are known for its durability with 20 years of warranty as it uses industry’s best quality hardware.

Cost benefit

NEX Windows serves the quality uPVC window & doors at the nominal price that usually costs 40-50 per cent lesser than the wooden products.

Noise Reduction

We utilize co-extruded wool pile & TPV gasket in its products to reduce noise by 15-20db and double glazed glass for 25-30db sound reduction.

No maintenance

No more hassle of maintenance or repainting as our products, unlike wooden windows & doors, can be cleaned with simple soap water.

Thermal insulation

With the most effective thermal insulation, NEX products manage to maintain the room temperature and saves up to 30 per cent of the energy.

High weather resistance

Our products are adapted to the tropical humidity; thus no effect on quality or durability due to heavy exposure to sun, rain or moisture.


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